Creating safe spaces for
lives impacted by suicide

Join us on our journey to understand what lies at the heart of mental, physical and societal safe spaces, ensuring that these are available to anyone affected by suicidal distress. 


What drives us

Our mission

Creating safe spaces for lives impacted by suicide. 

Our vision

A world where people feel mentally, physically and societally safe enough to stay.

Our process


Understand more about what constitutes a mental, physical and societal safe space for those affected by suicidal distress   


Pinpoint the spaces that are currently causing suicidal distress and work to make these safer for those involved 


Create new safe spaces that help those in suicidal distress and provide them with the necessary support to keep going


Work with other organisations and charities to help shape these safe spaces and share knowledge and experience

Our motivation

For Cammy, whom we miss every second of every day. 

On 20th October 2019, our handsome, generous and gifted son and brother, Cameron, walked out of our lives forever. Cameron decided that this world was no longer a safe space for him. There was no history of psychological distress and he left no note to explain his decision - his death is a mystery to those who knew and loved him.

And so we are driven to create a world in which those who are suffering know that they are safe, and are kept safe by the environments and communities where they find themselves.

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